Cloud Databases Pricing

The prices below are listed in US Dollars. All prices exclude GST.

When you choose our Managed Operations service level, we help you create, install, patch, monitor, and troubleshoot Cloud Databases.


Cloud Databases

Size Logical Cores CPU Weight I/O Priority Network TPS Price
512MB 1 0.5 1 20Mbit 116* $0.05/hr
1GB 1 1 2 100Mbit 449* $0.075/hr
2GB 2 2 3 200Mbit 864* $0.15/hr
4GB 4 4 4 300Mbit 1566* $0.30/hr
8GB 6 8 5 400Mbit 2130* $0.60/hr
16GB 8 16 6 500Mbit 2651* $1.20/hr
32GB 10 32 7 1000Mbit 3372* $2.40/hr
64GB 14 64 8 2000Mbit 3785* $4.80/hr


Storage Price: $0.876/GB/month.

CPU Weight: Higher is better, with the instance receiving more time on the CPU on the basis of its weight under high load.

Network: Guaranteed network throughput allocation.

TPS (Transactions per second): Benchmark (June 2014) in transactions per second using 64 MySQL threads for all flavours, except 32 threads for 512MB.

*Your mileage may vary. A benchmark is only a guideline and not representative of the performance your application will see. Always benchmark your own application.

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