Cloud Files

Everything we do is Managed Cloud

Do you want unlimited storage for all your files and media? Rackspace Cloud Files powered by OpenStack and delivered across the Akamai Content Delivery Network has the answer.

Worried about speed and storage options? Don’t be. With Managed Cloud, experts will monitor your data to make sure that it’s sent all over the world at high speeds, to whoever needs it whenever they need it. Our techy team will also troubleshoot and discuss storage options with you - plus you’ll only ever be charged for what you use.  

See everything you get with Managed Cloud.

Only pay for what you use

Our pay-as-you-grow pricing means you’ll only pay for the amount of storage and outgoing bandwidth you actually use. Whether your storage needs are modest or monumental, you’ll get the amount you need.

Delivered over the Akamai CDN

The Akamai Content Delivery Network can deliver your Cloud Files content rapidly around the world—giving your audience a local-like experience, no matter how far they are from your origin server. See how cloud files works.

Powered by OpenStack

The Cloud Files development team created and contributed the underlying source code that has become OpenStack Object Storage software. This same robust technology powers Cloud Files.

Programmatic access via the API

The RESTful Cloud Files API is standards-based, enabling you to directly control your Cloud Files storage from within your existing applications. We actively maintain our code libraries, to let you make the most of Cloud Files.

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