Hybrid Cloud Comes to Rackspace Australia Datacentre

SYDNEY – AUSTRALIA, 17 June 2013 – Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the open cloud company, today launched Australia’s first public cloud offering powered by OpenStack.  Following the opening of the Rackspace Sydney datacentre in February 2013, today’s launch of public cloud provides full access to the Rackspace hybrid cloud offering for local businesses.


The Rackspace Hybrid Cloud combines elements of public cloud, private cloud and/or dedicated servers, and allows them to work together as one infrastructure. Hybrid cloud can often provide better performance, reliability, security and lower total cost of ownership than a public cloud can deliver on its own.


“We believe that a hybrid cloud option changes the way Australian businesses will make their cloud buying decisions,” said Angus Dorney, Director and General Manager, Rackspace Australia and New Zealand. “As cloud adoption increases in Australia, businesses are becoming more aware of proprietary technologies that lock them in to specific architectures and vendors. Today’s news frees Australian businesses from the vendor lock-in that they face at other major cloud providers, and provides choice for them to deploy an open hybrid cloud.”


The Sydney datacentre opened earlier this year to meet increased demand from Australian companies for managed virtualisation. With the launch of the public cloud in Australia, the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud is now available to customers in the local datacentre.


“We’re delivering high performing hybrid cloud solutions, while empowering customers to choose features, services, prices and locations based on the needs of their business,” added Dorney. "It's great to see innovators like Kogan.com, Australia's biggest online retailer, already signing on to be early adopters of our new local hybrid cloud, helping them scale their infrastructure and cater for their growth."


“Kogan will be one of the first firms to move its Australian facing IT infrastructure into a local Rackspace Hybrid Cloud,” said Goran Stefkovski, Director of Technology, Kogan.com. “We're confident in a seamless transition with the Fanatical Support we receive from Rackspace, and we can't wait to give our customers an even better shopping experience.”


“Australian firms show high levels of maturity when it comes to adopting innovative technologies and service delivery models. This being so, the availability of hybrid cloud models where customers can mix and match cloud and dedicated servers in an integrated manner is strategically important to accelerate IT transformation,” said Agatha Poon, Research Manager at 451 Research.


Users from early stage startups all the way up to enterprises, finance companies, and government agencies can now take advantage of onshore data hosting with Rackspace, the open cloud company.


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